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VSFF – Short, Simple, and Fun

#VSFF18 has undoubtedly been one of the most fun and interesting events so far to help make this year of film an amazing one. VSFF, or Vancouver Short Film Festival, is like other festivals in the area of Vancouver, however it’s focus is short films. Because we all know less is more. And also because not everyone likes to make anything freakishly long too much anymore.

This year’s festival was run by two well-known ladies in the industry, Marena Dix and Zlatina Pacheva, who like all women in the industry, do an incredible job no matter what it is and keep it cool while doing it. So everything under 30-40 minutes got submitted to this little festival, and there were so many submissions it was stunning. And while the one of the official hashtags of the festival was #keepitshort I’m sorry to say that this summary will actually be quite lengthy. So here’s a list of everything that happened at #VSFF18....

Read the full article by Nick Wangersky here:

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