BC's Best Shorts

VSFF 2008 Films

Manhood - Melanie Jones, Langara College


Forced to flee the woods when war strikes their cozy suburban neighbourhood, Midge continues her quest to turn her husband Harold into a paragon of manliness with surprising results.

Cancelled - McKenzie Chipiuk, Capilano College Film Centre


A couple discovers that they are 1950s television characters. When Jenny and Adolph realize that their entire house has "stopped", curiosity leads them to travel to different television shows through their window.

The Velveteen Rabbit - Denise Quesnel, Emily Carr Institute

The Velveteen Rabbit

Adapted from the story by Margery Williams, a toy rabbit follows his heart's journey into becoming "Real" with the help of a child's love.

A Look At The Life of Morgan Green - Kelvin Redvers, Simon Fraser University Film Workshop

A Look at the Life of Morgan Green

Morgan Green is a young, female Tsimshian carver from Prince Rupert. She is also a fashion designer, knife maker, pottery maker, painter, art teacher and mask maker. This 23 year old Aboriginal artist leads a unique life in east side Vancouver and is very passionate about every art form, whether traditional or contemporary. This documentary follows a few days in her life, followed by Metis filmmaker Kelvin Redvers.

Cognitive Error - Kyla Plewes, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

Cognitive Error

A young professional woman goes to see the doctor, who diagnoses her with having a brain defect where she is left-brain only - incapable of creative thought. She returns to work and at first, things seem normal, but as she continues throughout her routine, her world escalates into a chaotic jumble. Cognitive Error is a modern surrealist film inspired by Freudian theory and the chaotic appearance of the world.

Past The Skin - Sabreena Peters, Simon Fraser University

Past The Skin

A man discovers that a seemingly crazy homeless man can read his thoughts.

8 - Jeff Simpson, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design


8 focuses on the idea of technology, specifically the significance of entering a new age of "digital" life and stimulation. It plays with the theme of technology with its relation to nature. Visually, the film borrows elements from a variety of genres and artists such as classical Renaissance to modern Surrealism.

Room for Rent - Michael Jacobson, Capilano College

Room for Rent

Room for Rent is a comedy about two friends, Joe and Greg, who must find a new roommate in order to continue living together. Too bad every candidate is more zany than the last that even the thought of living with them results in hilarious consequences.

L'Amour - Charity West, Langara College


L'Amour is a love story between two Japanese bobble heads living in Paris: Pink and Blue.

Instant Reality - Sarah Hudson, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

Instant Reality

Instant Reality, a swansong to Polaroid, is a commentary on society's tendency to destroy its past. Presenting a dystopic view of the near future, the past here is something to be singled out and destroyed.

Touch - Terry Boake, University of British Columbia

Touch is a dramatic ensemble that details the lives of six people through three separate, yet connected story lines.

Jump Trump Rump Bump - Heui Won Jeong and Justin Murphy, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

Jump Trump Rump Bump

An over-achieving six-year-old girl named Mooney has a secret life at night. But she needs to eat her dinner first!

Intervention - John Driftmier, Simon Fraser University


A moc-documentary spoof on reality television. The short film follows Bill Watson, your everyday suburbanite father and husband with one slight problem: he's a serial killer. Bill's family is sick and tired of his homicidal antics... It's time for an intervention!

After Oz - Percy Kiyabu, Vancouver Film School

After Oz

The story of a tin man who learns that having a heart is not as easy as he had hoped.

Hold Up! - Chris Goldade, Art Institute of Vancouver

Hold Up!

Two of the most discordant, boorish criminals to walk the city streets meet their greatest challenge ever when, during the ferocity of their latest robbery, one of them confesses his deep-seeded love for his partner in crime.

Personal Growth - Brian Danin & Jeff Smythe, University of British Columbia

Personal Growth

A dark comedy 'janitor stalks the school-girl' film. As Bob, the janitor, aspires to be a writer, he has an emotional breakdown in the girls washroom.

Still Waters - Andrew Ford, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

Still Waters

A bird-napping competitor finds out the hard way that his elderly victim does more with his time than just feed his animals.

Good Night, Sleep Tight - Laurynas Navidauskas, Simon Fraser University

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Being a child can be dangerous, especially when you have something an evil witch wants...

Beauty Lies - Karen Chapman, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

Beauty Lies

Filmmaker Karen Chapman explores her feelings about her natural hair as a young black woman in a media-driven world, revealing layers of insecurities. She seeks to challenge generations of deeply woven misconceptions of "beautify" by pivotally shaving off her permed straight hair and posing the question - where does beauty truly lie?

Hold My Breath - Kevin Moore, Art Institute of Vancouver

Hold My Breath

"Hold My Breath" is an energetic, fast-paced, urban hip-hop music video portraying the rise of Paper Chase and Autokrat from the underground to centre stage. Several visual effects enhance the style and rhythm, while showcasing the attitude and lyrical skill level of Autokrat and Paper Chase.

Three A.M. - Doug Kerr, Capilano College

Three A.M.

William Bauer finds himself a hero when he encounters a burning car by a nearby lake. Only after being committed to a local hospital, he encounters and reveals to a complete stranger that he is not a hero at all.

Hold The Mustard - Tammy Dubinsky, Vancouver Film School

Hold The Mustard

A polar bear purchases a hot dog from a street vendor. The bear places his meal on a nearby car while he digs in his pockets for change. The car takes off, along with the bear's hot dog.

For You, My People - Jose Pablo Gonzalez, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

For You, My People

An animated short film that tells the compelling story of a senator whose compassionate public persona must confront his secret deeds of corruption and dishonour.

Firebear Called Them Faith Healers - Kelvin Redvers, Simon Fraser University

Firebear Called Them Faith Healers

A storyteller is haunted in dreams... And those dreams are bleeding into the world...

Behind The Screen - Naoyuki Kadota, Langara College

Behind The Screen

A group of movie character cliches from our favourite films take a time out before the curtain goes up. They wind up together in the bathroom of a local multiplex, and soon realize that life on celluloid may not be all it's cracked up to be...

A Trick of the Wind - Jae Hyun Lee, Vancouver Film School

A boy is drawing a picture in his room when it is blown out of the window and flies to a girl who becomes its model.

Memories - Glen Chua, Simon Fraser University


A homeless man gets a chance to relive the best memories of his past through a scrapbook given to him from his deceased wife.

The Legend of Boruta - Bartosz Nowakowski, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

The Legend of Boruta

The year is 1939; Nazi Germany has recently invaded Poland and many small towns and villages have already become victims of the German raid. A regiment of Nazi soldiers arrive upon a small church nestled in the sprawling wheat fields surrounding the small town of Leczyca. A low-ranking soldier is ordered into the catacombs deep beneath the church to search for valuables. He discovers he has been tainted by the stolen goods, further building the Legend of Boruta.

The Playground Duel - Jake Dunbar, Art Institute of Vancouver

The Playground Duel

One swing, two rivals, and a playground to settle the score. With an epic take of a not so epic situation, The Playground Duel is a fun and clever film that looks at the wonderfully outlandish imagination of boys that never truly leaves with age.