BC's Best Shorts

VSFF 2006 Films

Francis - Eron Carruth, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

A sci-fi drama set in an undisclosed time when the climatic changes and pollution have wiped out the natural bird population. Francis, a disabled humanoid robot, was originally created to help maintain a private aviary. He has since outlived his creator, David, and has been living as a hermit closed off from the outside world that was left to him by David when he passed.

Lost and Found - Marshall Axani, Capilano College

After Jack finds nine-year-old Beverly stealing from his lawn, he seems unable to rid himself of the young thief. As their encounters become more and more frequent, each one discovers that they may need each other more than they ever could have known.

Idaho - Riley Pearcy & Scott Beleya, Art Institute of Vancouver

The workers of the field five-five south are growing tired of their routine jobs and their totalitarian boss. Rumors of riches and success keep them digging diligently, however, as their hopes of the American dream fade with each passing day, a new worker arrives who may have the answer to their problems. Idaho is a satirical look at the blood, sweat and tears of the corporate world in an unusual setting.

Tree for Two - Joel Furtado, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

A fantastical, whimsical 3D animation involving witches, magic and a fantasy world.

Alibi Inc. - Gregorie Bedard, Vancouver Film School

In this French crime drama about a company that sells alibis, Clement faces a moral decision when a friend asks for his services.

Phantasie - A.E. Russell, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

The story of a little girl, her opa, and their adventures with pirates.

Because You Demanded It! - Sarah Crauder, Simon Fraser University

Two competitive comic-book store employees manipulate two young customers

Love, Sandy - Jeremy Wilcox, University of British Columbia

Love. Die. Or Kill. Three paths diverge in a wood. Searching for the right path, she stalks an ancient samurai through her imagination and becomes entangled in a whrilwind of fantasy, passion and illusion. After tonight, she'll be a new person. Or a dead one.

23 - Alex Konyves, SFU

After waking up in a hospital, a young man is taken on a journey that changes his life.

Grover's Mill - Paul St. Amand, Vancouver Film School

Orson Welles communicates with distant strangers in the midst of radio play.

Scattering Eden - Nimisha Mukerji, University of British Columbia

When his birth mother unexpectedly turns up at his door in an urn, Mikah finds himself stuck in yet another dysfunctional relationship.

Supersaturated - Christopher Leinonen, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

A fragmented narrative with temporary protagonists. A critical musing and rant about the ubiquity of advertising and the tendency/ability it has to dominate language.

Her Eyes Opened - Thomas Billingsley, Simon Fraser University

Lillian loves Quinn. Xiu loves herself. Quinn loves them both. A tale of betrayal and individuality, self-destruction and freedom. Sometimes in war, there are no winners.

Call 1-800-Feng-Shui - Melanie Jones, Langara College

When the flow of chi in Mr. Adler's apartment is ruined, he looks to the 1-800-Fung-Shui hotline for guidance and gets more than he bargained for.

Little Girl Lost - Krystal Diaz, Simon Fraser University

A grief-stricken young girl maintains a secret correspondence with her deceased mother. When she discovers that her father has also been keeping secrets of his own, she embarks on a quest for answers that will force her to come to terms with the reality of her loss.

The Moment - Melinda Hranchuk, Katie Chipperfield & Gary Woodward, Gulf Island Film & Television School

Beautifully shot, "The Moment" is the courageous and deeply moving story of one man's journey to make peace with a life altering experience. This compelling short documentary features the sometimes duelling and always inspiring thoughts and emotions of Gary Cramer, former lead of Vancouver's Brain Damage, following a devastating head on collision. In Memoriam Gary Steven Cramer September 19 1952 - March 28, 2006

Avery's Gnome - John Driftmier, Simon Fraser University

After a near car accident, Avery, an elderly man, begins to see gnomes. His wife thinks he is going crazy, and Avery has his doubts too. Are gnomes actually playing tricks on him? Do these creatures even exist? To find out the truth, Avery embarks on an all out gnome hunt.