BC's Best Shorts

VSFF 2005 Films

The Wallace's Bed - Aynsley Baldwin, University of British Columbia

For Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, bed-leg malfunction is cause for both celebration and conflict.

Ingenue - Chad Galloway & Thomas Sabinsky, Vancouver Film School

A young woman searches for the meaning of her life while giving it away one piece at a time.

End - Jakub Kuczynski, Vancouver Film School

Jack Florin awakens next to his wife from seven years of hyper sleep as part of an experiment. Instead of waking up to scientists, Jack awakens to find himself in the midst of the apocalypse. In his time left, he must decide whether to unplug or let his wife die in peace.

The Silent Room - Bassem Chabou, Columbia Academy

An elderly woman is comforted by her now grown up children.

Tomorrow Doesn't Look Good Either - Jordan Christianson, University of British Columbia

Dean, Turner, Stephen, and Ashley have been friends since grade school. Years later they still find themselves hanging out at the same suburban community in which they were raised. It is over the course of a particularly eventful evening that Dean begins to question the sincerity of his friends. They've grown up, they've grown apart. They just don't know it yet.

Dereliction - John Crowley, University of British Columbia

This brief animation documents the application of layers of oil paint on canvas. Simultaneously, the forces of time and entropy, throughout a hundred years, on a southern Victorian house, engulf the structure.

Dress Up - Wendy Nahanee, British Columbia Institute of Technology/Indigenous Media Arts Group

A dramatic short, shot on 8mm film, about urban aboriginal teenagers getting ready for a night on the town. These girls aren't headed for the nightclubs; they are dressing up for a night on the corner, turning tricks in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Heads Will Roll - Brian Danin, University of British Columbia

A man produces white orbs in a factory. Upon being planted in the ground, they take human form. As a civilization forms, they try to understand the world they were placed in, until more sinister intentions come to light.

Who Killed Target 1967? - Angie Kwong, Emily Carr Institute

A sci-fi requiem for Jean Luc Godard's muse, Anna Karina. Drawing on the myths of Frankenstein and Narcissus, the film sets out to deconstruct contemporary cinema's voyeuristic obsession with female beauty.

For The Beauty of Falling Petals - Tomo Goda, Vancouver Film School

A collage of various flowers, accompanied by Taiko music (traditional Japanese drums), demonstrating the relationship between humans and nature.

Spiked - Alex Kyrou, University of British Columbia

Adrian, a resident of the Eldorado Motel, meets a mysterious woman in the downstairs bar. She seems unusually interested in him, but somehow she is strangely familiar.

The Shortest Dream - Jee Won Sul, Vancouver Film School

A short story between Akira Kudo, a Japanese writer, and So-Rhee Moon, a young Korean widow, living in neighboring apartments set in Chinatown New York, 1950, June 24th.