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Programme 4

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

GROCERY STORE ACTION MOVIE | Director: Matthew Campbell | Run Time: 13 min

This short film follows a man standing in line at a grocery store, who suddenly realizes he’s forgotten the all-important crackers. Now, in a “24 style” race against time, he has to run back to get the crackers before losing his place in line. He must risk life and limb to avoid the cheese sample man, leap over fallen grocery carts, and locate the crackers in this high-stakes, over-the-top action movie parody.

BRENDA AT 10, 15, 30 | Director: Ana de Lara | Run Time: 2.5 min

Brenda at 10, 15, 30 intertwines three time periods of a breast cancer survivor’s life, with a focus on her relationship with her breasts. The film features singersongwriter and breast cancer survivor Kristia Di Gregorio in the lead role of Brenda at 30.

BARBARIAN PRESS | Director: Sarah Race | Run Time: 17.5 min

In the age of mechanical reproduction, this intimate, beautiful film celebrates handmade pursuits. Jan and Crispin Elsted have been making fine art books by letterpress for over 30 years. Partners in life and work, the couple are achingly aware they may be the last of a kind.

FOLLOW | Director: Ania Budko & Sami Zenderoudi | Run Time: 8.5 min

A girl wakes up from a vivid dream, where a cool summer breeze lures her to step outside. On an empty street she sees a familiar figure, a stranger who had appeared in her dream, inciting her to follow. Bending notions of time and space, Follow explores a character’s dreamscape.

NOT THAT BEAUTIFUL | Director: Miguel Quintero | Run Time: 6 min

Snow White, fed up with the consequences of her life choices, decides to have a few drinks at a bar, this being the start of a night she will never forget.

COUNTER ACT | Director: Affolter Brothers | Run Time: 16 min

When Alice, a naïve young woman having lunch in a diner circa 1960, joins Mary and Ray in their “sit-in” protest, the ire of the racist patrons boils over and Alice learns what it truly takes to stand up for what you believe in.

THE CAMERAMAN | Director: Connor Gaston | Run Time: 16 min

Francis must reconcile his relationship with his abusive father who suffers from Huntington’s Disease. Francis’ younger brother Ed (the cameraman) records their dysfunctional lives with his Super 8 camera.