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Programme 2

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

RUN | Director: Elad Tzadok | Run Time: 17 min

Run is a short psychodrama set in the world of Elite Triathlon. After receiving a life-altering message from his partner during preparations for a crucial lateseason race, Tristan, a leading professional Triathlete, is forced to face up to traumas from his past before he can confront his new future.

A PERFECT VACUUM | Director: Becca Johanson | Run Time: 6 min

Four walls and an abusive owner stand between a tiny vacuum-cleaning robot and its quest for adventure.

DRIFTER | Director: Olivia Lindgren | Run Time: 10 min

After narrowly surviving a hanging at the hands of the deadly Jackson Whitmore, a bounty hunter named Ruth embarks down the long road of vengeance. In this action-filled western, Ruth is both fueled and blinded by her rage, until she learns the true cost of revenge.

THE AGONY OF OBSOLESCENCE | Director: Meysam Motazedi | Run Time: 12.5 min

Newly immigrated from Iran, Mahsa and Majid have impatiently awaited their first day of school. When the day finally arrives, a battle of wills between father and son over Mahsa’s attire brings things to a head, threatening to thwart the conservative views of a single father who’s held onto his autocratic ways for far too long.

ALL THINGS WANTING | Director: Craig Range | Run Time: 11 min

Norman is a filmmaker trying to express his anxiety with the world and his future. After realizing the film he is making is not as he imagined, he descends into the space between thought and expression. All Things Wanting examines a man wrestling with that which determines him and his art.

ITERATION 1 | Director: Jesse Lupini | Run Time: 15 min

Anna wakes up in a strange white room. She has 60 seconds to escape; when the time hits zero she drops dead and reawakens in the same room, joined by a shadowy impression of her previous self. Every 60 seconds this cycle repeats, and through each iteration Anna must think ahead and learn from her mistakes in order to solve a series of puzzles and escape this dystopian maze.

LATE HARVEST | Director: Benjamin Musgrave | Run Time: 19 min

James searches for a life beyond the wooden farm fences of his prairie home, beyond the overly-familiar cycles of growth and decay, birth and death. He dreams of a life of something more, but struggles to defi ne the balance between expectation and reality. Late Harvest intricately weaves themes of family, expectation, and generational gravity through a sparse emotional pace that erupts into a exalted song and dance sequence of dream and ambition.