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Friday November 15, 6:00pm - BC All-Stars Screening

Stolen | Director: Karen Lam | 6 min | Drama


An imaginative young girl frees a beaten boy from the clutches of her bullying brother, and is granted her secret wish.

Under The Bridge of Fear | Director: Mackenzie Gray | 14 min

Under the Bridge of Fear

Hard-boiled private eye Hamilton Drake is called in by notorious society dame Georgia Thurlow to chase down the rat who's been blackmailing her and a famous movie star. But in this sapphic underworld, nothing is ever black and white.

Beauty Mark | Director: Mark Ratzlaff | 8 min | Drama

Beauty Mark

The story of 8-year-old Annabelle, a child-beauty-queen who is pushed to the edge and must take drastic measures to reclaim her childhood.

Fidelium | Director: Darren Borrowman | 7 min | Horror


Erik and his wife Wendy are about to have a baby. Unbeknowst to her, Erik has made a deal with a Satanic cult in order to cure his sterility. As the due date grows near, Erik discovers the price is more than he can bear. *Winner of the 2012 Bloodshots Canada Grand Jury Prize and Audience Favorite Awards*

Plating | Director: Jon Thomas | 17 min | Drama


A troubled man struggling to become a chef, gets an opportunity to cook one last meal for an inmate on death row, but has to come to terms with an event that has haunted him for some time.


Friday November 15th, 8:00pm - Human Nature 

Patriarchy | Director: Karen Chapman | 6.45 | Spoken Word/Experimental


Written and narrated by Toronto poet Travis Blackman, Patriarchy Combines live-action - vérité footage and animation. Directed by Karen Chapman, this experimental spoken word piece uses the ideals and structures of patriarchy to turn the fathered social system on it's head, using an air filled vignette-style.

Catrina | Director: Luisa Elias | 2:34 | Classical Animation/Drama


In the middle of the night a hungry little girl meets death in the form of an elegant woman who plays with her and invites her to celebrate the Day of the Dead with breads and sweets.

The Weather Girl | Director: Carleen Kyle | 9:52 | Comedy

The Weather Girl

A former weather girl, struggling with her current role as full-time caregiver for her incapacitated father, decides to take creative advantage of two evangelists who show up at her father’s door.

Set Apart | Director: James Penco | 11:36 | Documentary

“Set Apart” is a documentary about monasticism, a portrait of four men who have made the radical choice to join a Benedictine monastery in Mission, British Columbia. As they move through their daily life of prayer, work, and community life, the monks discuss their choice to join the monastic community, and both the challenges and unique fulfillment found in their chosen way of life.

Floodplain | Director: Jeremy Lutter |10:00 | Drama


Rafting across a floodplain in the Canadian Rockies, a small-town teen must learn to let go of his childhood sweetheart when she reveals she's leaving for university. Based on the story by award winning author D.W. Wilson (BBC Short Story Award), Floodplain stars Cameron Bright and Sarah Desjardins.

Theatrics | Director: David Lewis | 8:37 | Comedy


Suburban cougars and B.F.F’s, Austin and Samantha, attempt to spice up their typical Friday night at the discount movie theatre with a little treat from Sam’s drug dealer brother. Austin turns to Samantha for help as her high becomes more than she can handle. Sam’s plan only magnifies Austin’s paranoia and humiliation when she is forced to try and run through the theatre’s adorable usher, Jamie.

The Bouake Hustle | Director: Misha Kleider | 13:55 | Documentary

The Bouake Hustle

The Bouake Hustle' is a glimpse into everyday life as seen through the eyes of a local hustler in West Africa. The documentary is set in Bouake, a bustling West African city of over a million people. Bouake has no prisons, no police and no courts; it is a lawless anarchy that has been smashed by civil war and rent by grinding poverty. Paradoxically, the vast majority of people in Bouake are beautiful in the deepest way there is; they are kind, loving and generous with all that they have. This film is a testament to the true colors of Bouake's people, whom fate has put to the ultimate test.

Opening Night Reception - 9:00pm

It's not time to go home yet - please join us in the atrium for our opening reception! 


Saturday November 16th, 3:00pm - BC Web Series Screening

The Actress Diaries | Director: Lisa Hughes | Comedy

The Actress Diaries

The Actress Diaries is a Situational Comedy set in downtown Vancouver, following the overly ambitious adventures of two aspiring actresses: Australian, Lisa Kimberley Hughes and her number two, Canadian, Kate Bateman. A female take on BBC’s Extras, this hilarious female centered comedy shares a simultaneously honest and disillusioned perspective on the casting and acting process. You’ve never been behind the scenes like this before!

After | Director: Ivan Hayden | Sci-Fi/Drama


Victim of a bloody robbery gone wrong, Matt passes over to the parallel world of the After, only to discover that nothing is as we were told. He find himself surrounded by evil spirits and malevolent forces, and everywhere dark powers vie for his very soul. Stranded in the only possible sanctuary, his former home, Matt is faced with a crippling dilemma. Will he stay within the trap of his enforced refuge or risk everything and step out into this perilous world?

Hitman 101 | Director: Scott Staven | Action

Hitman 101

They say the first week is always the hardest – especially when you’re an assassin on a dangerous assignment in a city full of gangsters, thugs, femme fatales, and hardboiled cops who all seem hellbent on making it a bad week.  Georgie Daburas gives an award winning performance as “John Smith”, the central figure in writer/director Scott Staven’s unique action crime thriller series chronicling a not-so-ordinary week in the life of a mysterious assassin.

True Heroines | Director: Michelle Ouellet | Drama/Sci-Fi

True Heroines

The True Heroines is an original episodic sci-fi dramedy produced for the web. The web-series explores the lives of three seemingly "normal" housewives with superpowers, as they evade the evil corporation that brought them to be. With flashbacks to their former lives as cabaret dancers, The True Heroines offers the tone of Mad Men, the comedy of Glee and the darkness of Heroes rolled into one crazy adventure in the spirit of the Original Batman Series.


Saturday November 16th, 5:00pm - Hope and Renewal

A Wish Where The Wind Once Blew | Director: Stuart Gillies | 8:16 | Narrative fiction

A Wish Where The Wind Once Blew is a fairytale, which aims to teach a fairy the meaning of a world where the wind did once blow. The journey leads her into a world where the complexities of life are broken down into their simplest form.

Kimchi Fried Dumplings | Director: Jason Karman | 14:13 | Drama

Kimchi Fried Dumplings

An Asian Canadian man comes home with a new boyfriend for Christmas to find his younger brother, who is also gay, resentful for being left to care for their aging parents.

Reactor | Director: Ian MacKenzie | 34:00 | Documentary


In April 2012, Yogi, Buddhist teacher and activist Michael Stone arrives on a pilgrimage to Japan in the wake of the tsunami and Fukushima meltdown to learn how the Japanese are responding to the crisis. Michael speaks with local residents, artists, activists, and researchers about life in the aftermath and reflects on the old Zen traditions and cities of beautiful temples. How we can embody the Bodhisattva vow in this time?

Backward Fall | Director: Andrew Pollins | 10:14 | Drama

Backward Fall

June is afflicted with dementia, and is falling backward through her life. As she slips in and out of her younger selves she no longer recognizes her devoted husband, George. When June's dementia propels her to a dangerously irrational runaway attempt, George must take the backward fall with her to protect the woman he loves and keep their love alive.


Saturday November 16th, 7:30pm - It Happens After Dark...

Sleep | Director: James Penco | 14:32 | Dark Comedy


At a night-time art auction so boring that it puts insomniacs to sleep, a young man named Horace is waiting patiently to propose to the girl of his dreams. But when the dead body of an artist turns up, asleep, in the audience, Horace’s plans go awry, and he might end up with a different night than he was expecting, in this rather absurd black comedy.

Stricken | Director: Eron Carruth | 6:02 | Horror


A series of chance encounters set in motion a tragic romance with love and death in the balance as a mysterious outbreak begins turning people into ravenous monsters. "Stricken" was awarded "Best Picture" at the 2012 Dead on Film Festival.

Til Death | Director: Connor Gaston | 11:50 | Drama/Mystery

Til Death

A modern day fairytale about a young boy who loses his soul mate and sets out to bring her back to life.

Rocketship Misfits | Director: Matt McInnis | 12:07 |Science Fiction/Drama/Adventure

Rocketship Misfits

When he was 22 years old, Lee Brandon was sent to jail for online theft. 3 years later, he is released on parole and ordered to find a job and stay away from all computers. But when Lee meets Zoe, a local college student, he is dangerously tempted. Zoe needs someone who can format computers for a huge science competition and she wants Lee to do it. Struggling to keep his criminal past hidden, Lee finds himself competing in a nationwide contest to develop a space shuttle prototype with a group of college students. As he grows closer to his teammates, especially Zoe, the truth becomes harder for him to hide and Lee must decide between his dreams and what he knows is right.

CORVUS | Director: Darcy Van Poelgeest | 10:20 | Drama/Supernatural Noir


CORVUS follows an extraordinary detective as he pieces together a young woman's murder. The crime reveals itself in a series of moments that allow the detective to see beyond the facts, into the story with a strange sense of familiarity.

Awards Ceremony and Closing Night Reception - 9:00pm

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